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Blood disorders, including thrombosis, disorders of hemostasis, hemoglobinopathies, and other problems, constitute a diverse array of diseases.  Treatment options are often limited or of limited efficacy. Carefully designed and precisely implemented clinical research is needed to guide health care delivery for individuals with blood disorders or those receiving blood-based products. Expertise in clinical trial design and methodology is needed to navigate the specific challenges inherent to studying rare patient populations or populations that are not under the hematologist’s direct clinical care.

RTI International has been selected to provide assistance to investigators supported by the NHLBI to develop clinical trials to test new therapies for hematologic disorders through the Clinical Trials Development Resource for Hematologic Disorders initiative. The RTI Resource is not intended to replace the activities conducted by investigators developing their trials, but serves as a resource for expert scientific and statistical advice, review of protocols and study materials, and training in areas relevant to the design or implementation of clinical trials in hematology. The services provided by the RTI Resource might include:

  • clinical trial design and recruitment strategy studies in rare diseases and pediatrics 
  • biostatistical support 
  • site and subject recruitment strategies
  • regulatory issues
  • bioethics consultation
  • preparing clinical protocol, manual of procedures, training materials, consent forms and data safety monitoring plan
  • planning a multi-site clinical trial, including multiple-site IRB approval and contracting 
  • preparation of agreements for industry collaborations
  • identifying and establishing collaborations
  • investigator-targeted education in clinical trials methodology
  • data capture and data management systems.


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 This Resource is coordinated by RTI International and sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

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